Quran Project Update December 2013

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In St. Albans Thursday 12th September 2013 will mark and represent a significant initiative following the day after September 11th.

The day when Islam in St Albans truly found its purpose and came to be what it is today. Leading the initiative in bringing Quran project to St. Albans. A Dawah initiative undertaking extreme measures, aiming to support and encourage involvement of our community especially in encouraging our youth.

Those managing this project for the community working in association with Quran Project aiming to create the right awareness within our community. In a world where ignorance spreads and hatred of Islam seems to be the latest fashion of the day, we aim to create change...

Living in a society where Islam is being misunderstood and misinterpreted by some of the country’s most influential information sources and has thus led to many having a big misconception of our beautiful religion. It becomes incumbent upon us, in educating our community and spreading Dawah on a scale never done so before within St. Albans and neighbouring areas in Hertfordshire. Aiming to show Islam was never here to hate or be hated but, moreso to educate.

An example other cities have now followed including Bristol and Bolton.

The logistics in place allowed for a mass distribution of translated copies of the Quran to over 44,000 households in the area being offered the opportunity to attain a free copy.

The project objective, to educate our community on what Islam is truly about. Aiming to spread the message of Islam in its purest form. Subhan-allah no better way than that from the source itself, the Holy Quran. The greatest gift to mankind received in our lifetime, Islam and the Quran. Giving us the respect we have today. We made the most of an opportunity, in sharing this gift with our community and showing Hertfordshire what Islam is truly about.

The launch of this campaign, costing approximately £5,600 included cost of Qurans, p&p where required and the publicity to raise awareness of this campaign. Quran Project Banner

We cannot emphasise enough how great an opportunity it has been for all involved, to be a part of educating our community in understanding the beauty of Islam and making a change. Insha-allah, affecting the hearts of many across our society in schools, colleges and government institutions.

From the back end of our newspaper campaign and the Quran project shop used as a base of distribution, receiving a very positive response from our local community we have now moved on from strength to strength.

Insha Allah over the coming twelve months we are planning more dawah campaigns alongside Qur’an Project and possibly other organisations to help educate our community both muslim and non – muslim.

These projects have only been possible with the support of our local community through fundraising and volunteers.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who have contributed to this and our other projects thus far, and we urge you to please continue to help us spread the message of Islam in our region and support Islam in St. Albans.

“To provide a knowledge which is beneficial” it goes without saying the reward that can be attained is invaluable. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said ‘Allah, His Angels and the inhabitants of Heavens and Earth, nay even the ant in its hole and the whales in the sea pray for the one who teaches what is good’ (Tirmidhi)

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Insha-allah we move on, watch this space