About has come into operation in 2013. Work started with the Ummah Welfare Trust - Syria Appeal and focusing on the youth. We aim to serve the needs of the wider community through the following:-

  • To assist/support and provide a service to our local Masjids
  • to provide a deeper understanding of Islam
  • to further community cohesion
  • to provide religious education/tarbiyah activities
  • publication and free distribution of literature and audio CD’s
  • to provide a safe environment for the youth
  • Islam in St. Albans, established to facilitate a greater understanding and awareness of the teachings of Islam in our locality. It aims to educate people from all walks of life, and especially young Muslims, in all aspects of their religious development. Since its inception, we have progressed some projects for our community. Under the guidance of Maulana Abdul Muhit, the respected scholar and lecturer, Islam in St. Albans has continued to progress to achieve its aim of helping to create the Muslims of tomorrow.

    At present Islam in St. Albans provides a multifaceted service catering for the diverse and unique needs of Muslims living in the west. We will target its activities primarily at the Muslim youth, who traditionally lacked access to Islamic services. Via its various projects and schemes Islam in St. Albans aims to continues to strive in helping the new generation of Muslims channel their energies and capabilities appropriately; enabling young people to become individuals who are assets for society as a whole. The responses received from various members of our community endorse the fact, alhamdulillah, that the services we aim to deliver and provide as such are an essential contribution to our local community.


    how you can support

    After thanking Allah, we wholeheartedly extend our gratitude to all those in and around our community both our respected elders, brothers and sisters and youth who have supported and who continue to support Islam in St. Albans in what we aim to achieve. Help us to continue helping you our community by partaking in Islam in St. Albans schemes and helping us to share the message. The non profit making organisation relies on donations from the public in order to fund all its activities for our community. You can get involved by:-

  • Continuously making du‘aa for the acceptance and success of the work Islam in St. Albans aims to achieve.
  • Using the services and participating in its various programmes and events.
  • Referring Islam in St. Albans to those whom may benefit from its services.
  • To assist/support and provide a service to our local Masjids
  • Distributing the Islam in St. Albans literature and advertising its events in your locality.
  • Contributing donations towards the Islam in St. Albans ongoing projects.
  • If you would like to make a donation to please contact

    We hope and pray that we can, with the assistance of Allah subhanuhu wa ta'aala, continue to help sow the seeds; creating future generations which will be fruitful for us all. Ameen.

    Content and Guidance

    Islam in St Albans has been setup as an organisation taking into consideration the guidance with all content on this website approved and or projects approved and overseen by one of our respected and honoured Imams, Maulana M Abdul Muhit.

    Maulana M Abdul Muhit completed his hifz (memorisation of Quran) and alimiyyah course (covering topics such as Jurispudence, Quranic studies, Hadith, principles etc.) at at Jamiah Al Islamiyyah, Darul Uloom, Bolton, UK and is currently the Imam and Head of Children’s Makhtab (arabic for School) at London Colney Islamic Centre. He is also a full time teacher at Madrasah Al Hikmah, Luton and has attaining ijazah in saba’a qiraat there (the 7 different variations of reciting the Quran)

    Our sincere thanks and appreciation , for his continuous help and support in our objective


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