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A Brother13 November, 2013Halal Monitoring Council, HMC Leicester
The Luminous Light Event poster Poster teaming up with HMC, will be introducing HMC approvals and certification for local shops and businesses in St Albans and the surrounding district. More info will be coming shortly but you can read more about HMC below or visit their website

HMC was established to help ensure that all Muslims could be confident that the meat and products they consume are ‘genuinely Halal’. The HMC organisation is an independent, non-profit, registered charity which monitors, inspects and certifies Halal products for the benefit of the Muslim community.

Today, HMC is the most trusted organisation in the UK and has the highest brand recognition amongst Muslim consumers and within the Halal sector. It has come to stand for the highest standards of Halal.

Yunus Dhudwala, Chairman of HMC says, “HMC has one main aim, we want all Muslims to be confident and be assured, that the meat they are eating is genuinely Halal. It is one of the most important tenants of our Faith without which our actions and our prayers are at risk and said to remain unanswered”.

HMC’s monitoring system costs the industry less than 2p per chicken or 2p per kilo of meat. A small price to pay, to ensure that the food you consume is genuinely Halal!. Working in support of all Muslims; consumers, retailers and suppliers – HMC works to regulate and assure that the entire food production process from the farm to the consumer is Halal.

This is done via rigorous inspections, strict labelling, and assurance rules for food which are constantly monitored by trained HMC inspectors. By choosing meat which has been HMC certified, all Muslims can be sure that the food passing their mouths is truly Halal. HMC employs over 145 employees, including inspectors and monitors, who work to operate the unique HMC monitoring system in over 35 towns and cities in the UK on a daily basis.

HMC also works with over 55 abattoirs and processing plants in the UK/Ireland and further afield. These suppliers work under HMC criteria and inspection and are constantly monitored. In addition, HMC monitors over 550+ shops and restaurants on a daily basis – truly a comprehensive monitoring system.

HMC consists of an elected Executive Committee (EC) which consists of 15 unpaid executives. These executives are all volunteers and include Islamic Scholars (Muftis and Imams).

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