St Albans Islamic Centre

The Islamic Centre was established in 1978 at its current site in Hatfield Road as the first of its kind in St Albans to provide a dedicated place for Muslim worship. The purchase price was raised through donations provided by the local Muslim community in and around the district of St Albans. The Centre is funded mainly by donations from the local community.

Since its establishment, the Masjid has flourished and served the community for four decades. However, due to the increasing numbers of worshippers attending the Masjid, and in particular the use of the Mosque by people outside the immediate area, the need arose for expansion. The property has been extended with additional property acquisitions and building extensions three times to meet the growing needs of the community.

Today there are in excess of 450 families associated with the Centre, covering St Albans and surrounding areas. The needs of the growing local Muslim Community have outgrown the available facilities to an extent where on occasions of large congregations such as Eid all the people cannot be accommodated in one session. All Muslim worshippers are welcome irrespective of nationality, and currently, we have a congregation of over a dozen nationalities.

Seven hundred people can be accommodated in any one congregation and that includes a dedicated hall for the Ladies.

We have two Imams/Teachers, Imam Hafiz Mohammed Nageen and Imam Inaam Al-Hassan Mahmood.

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Off street parking is available nearby to masjid, however, followers are advised to park in nearby Morrisons car park and walk to the Masjid. Please respect our neighbours