London Colney Islamic Centre

London Colney Islamic Centre (LCIC) is a charity which was set up to provide facilities for the local community. Alhumdullilah (all thanks be to Allah) we were able to complete the purchase of the premises in November 2010 and the charity has been flourishing ever since thanks to the support of the community and their generous donations. Since November 2010 LCIC has grown at a rapid rate, by the Grace of Allah Subhana wat’alaah and now provides numerous facilities

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Maulana Muhit

Maulana of London Colney Islamic Centre

Maulana M Abdul Muhit currently the Imam London Colney Islamic Centre and Head of children’s Madressa/Makhtab. Maulana Muhit is also a full time teacher at Madrasah Al Hikmah, Luton.

Maulana Muhit completed his studies at Jamiah Al Islamiyyah Darul Uloom, Bolton completing Hifz (memorisation of Quran) and Alimiyyah course (covering topics such as Jurispudence, Quranic studies, Hadith, principles and others). He also attained ijazah (permission) in saba’a qiraat there (the 7 different variations of reciting the Quran)

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