Janazah Funeral Services has updated its Janazah Funeral services which are available to ALL our local muslim community, organisations & masjids. Please feel free to share with family and spread the news as you see appropriate in your locality for awareness.

Services are available at the Jamia Masjid & Bangladesh Islamic Centre at 77 Hatfield Road, St Albans. AL1 4JL.

Revised funeral service for the benefit of the community include the following:-

  • Arrangements for Cemetery Burial
  • Private Ambulance Transportation of deceased from Hospital/Mortuary
  • Refrigerated Body Storage Facilities
  • Body Ghusl Washing facilities with provision of necessary materials
  • Shroud/Kafn for deceased
  • Janazah Salah
  • Transportation of deceased to Cemetery To assist/support and provide a service to our local Masjids
  • * *FEE FOR ALL THE ABOVE £80 **

    Advice on burials has been updated, see Latest COVID Burial Advice

    Contact: 📞: Jamia Masjid - 01727 838 187

    Additional Services have a dedicated team of sisters committed to providing a 24/7 service of ghusl/body wash of deceased sisters fisibilillah (for the sake of Allah) for the community without costs. The sisters may occasionally travell to accomodate the needs of other localities - contact for more details.

    For this service contact either via masjids or directly on:

  • Sisters 📞: 07799 101062 or 07950 490029
  • Brothers 📞: 07919 212786
  • Looking also to acquire & donate body lifting equipment for ease to further aid sisters. Available for use to all local masjids in our locality for community use at no charge as req.

    Humbly request your duas Allah swt accept all our efforts for the greater good of our community.

    COVID 19 Related Janazah /Ghusl Services

    In this time of adversity, the initiative has been taken, with regards ghusl and burial for future COVID19 related cases of a deceased. (for both brothers & sisters)

    Under the management and guidance of Imam, Maulana A. Muhit for our locality. Specifically for COVID 19 related cases, these personnel will be upto speed with current safe practices, policies & procedures it demands.

    Allah swt protect & make easy for all but, should the need arise in relation to this service please make contact. We are committed to helping wherever possible in this time of difficulty. Taking this opportunity to thank those whom committed towards this cause, as without doubt it has it's own risks.

    May allah accept their effort and keep safe all those whom volunteered for this particular cause and all whom are helping in whatever capacity it may be, for their community in its time of need. Please remember us all in your duas.

  • Maulana A Muhit - (initial contact) 07907671956
  • Please forward on as appropriate so to notify others of this service.

    For more information on janazah services for local community, visit janazah services page

    Humbly request your duas Allah swt accept all our efforts for the greater good of our community.