UWT Clothes Bank

A Brother13 November, 2013Ummah Welfare Trust, Clothes Bin Jamia Masjid teaming up with UWT, arranged to install their first clothing bank in St. Albans on 30th October 2013

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Board members of the Bangladesh Islamic Centre and Jame’ Masjid who arranged to accommodate the new clothing bank on the masjid premises ..

Clothes Bank Installed

Also our sincere thanks and appreciation, to all the volunteers who helped prior to prep. the area for installation of the new clothing bank. Furthermore, helping in cleaning the entire masjid car park.

May Allah swt reward all for their effort and commitment to the cause.

Clothing is a great source of income for the charity. All proceeds from the sales of clothes received help cover the administration costs of the charity.

It is good to know our community has the opportunity of benefiting the good works of UWT and will be crucially playing their part in ensuring that UWT can always maintain their 100% donation policy.

So if you have unwanted, unused clothes lying around in your house, why not put them in the UWT clothing bin?

Make a difference to a very worthy cause and achieve great reward Insha-allah.

The clothing bank is situated at the rear car park of jamie Mosque & Bangladesh Islamic Centre , 77 Hatfield Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire. AL1 4JL Clothes Bank Dimensions

Please take into consideration what is acceptable prior to donating as, rubbish disposal costs the charity £100 per tonne so please as stated below.